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Dealing with the current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions on travel and with gatherings banned, holding a meeting or panel discussion is almost impossible. Euro-Pacific Digital Media has broad experience in shooting and live streaming events to your audience using a wide range of streaming media platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and more. You can still hold your panel discussion, live streamed, with questions asked via the comments section of the stream or on a platform such as Twitter.  Call us today to discuss the options for live streaming. Did I mention that it is very cost effective!

Euro-Pacific Digital Media is a digital communications media company that delivers customized video and web services adapted to your specific needs. Take advantage of our global expertise and our deep understanding of what is required for the successful execution of cross-platform strategies that we bring to every project. Our creative energy stays fresh and we ensure that we craft relevant content and memorable designs for both the web and video.

Once we have your creative project completed, we follow up with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that help increase your company’s online presence in both web and video. Euro-Pacific Digital Media’s search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns will help keep your costs low with proven results and our services will help boost your bottom line results and increase ROI.

Euro-Pacific Digital Media Production - FM Global NYCHow much do you value experience? Our team has the insight to define, develop, and produce the right digital solutions for your goals, budget, and audience, whether you need:

  • Digital Media Production, digital web video editing, creative media development, visual design, or digital media distribution – or a turnkey approach. Check out our 2019 Demo Reel
  • Corporate communications, web video, live event coverage and coordination, live streaming web media, direct response, or web content, web marketing, and optimization
  • Web site development, web design and hosting, SEO, SEM, CRO, web site content development, eCommerce site development and web site maintenance
  • Web video, live streaming media and digital distribution
  • Creative development staff and web video production crews based in the United States and globally

Video Production - Food Network shootAt Euro-Pacific Digital Media, our team and network of professionals can customize and deliver the right digital strategy for you. We believe in fresh, accurate, and engaging content and understand how to write copy and create designs for multiple audiences.

Find out more about our full package of digital production and post-production media services.

  • Digital non-linear Adobe Premiere Pro edit and Adobe After-Effects
  • Full range of 4K Cinema, 1080P HD, 720P video cameras and lighting packages
  • Complete location audio record package

All-inclusive rates include:
• Highly experienced and talented digital services personnel
• Access to all digital media playback formats

Euro-Pacific Digital Media communications can assist in all aspects of production planning, budget preparation, scheduling, personnel, equipment rental, and the organization and facilitation of any production. Our production crews are always experienced production professionals, working with film techniques and digital video.