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SEO Search Engine OptimizationBasic Website SEO Packages

Page SEO setup for Organic search

The first thing we do, is review your website, test mobility and then identify content, images, categories, links and coding that is either good or may be causing problems. We will update meta data files, header content, headings, configure schema markup and cross-linking. We will add sitemaps and make sure that the major search engines are finding your website and we submit the sitemaps to Google, Bing and a couple of other search sites. We also make sure that you are listed in the local place directories – the results that pop-up at the top of the local search results on Google and Microsoft search (conditional on your address and phone number availability).

Basic SEO account setup package

  • Add Google and Bing search maps
  • Configure basic Schema markup
  • Register site with search engines
  • Verify that site is searchable
  • Check there are no speed issues or image loading issues, and test mobility – report issues
  • Check on all basic SEO best practices and optimize your site.

Full Organic SEO with keywords

  • Includes the above basic package plus a review of titles and keywords.
  • Review page content for structure and readability.
  • Analyze and research keywords for site, add new keywords as necessary.
  • Check and identify content, categories, internal links, external links, URL titles, description, focus keyword, primary keyword phrase, long tail keywords and image tags.
  • We will recommend any text content that needs re-writing or expanding.
  • Identify any links and coding that may be causing problems, and fix issues.
  • Update meta data files, header content, check and correct all headings, and cross-linking.
  • Configure Schema markup to all pages and products on ecommerce site.
  • Add sitemaps and make sure that the major search engines are finding your website and we submit the sitemaps to Google and Bing search sites.
  • Update existing business directory/maps local pages on Google/Bing – client must supply passwords.
  • Add SEO reporting function to website

There is no magic trick to SEO, but you must have good content that explains what your message is, and don’t over-use keywords. Each primary keyword only needs to be there two or three times at the most, it is more the keyword density that counts.

Another important item is the load speed of your website. We will test your website’s load speed for both mobile and desktop and make make optimization changes to the site. If structural changes are needed to site design, site framework or hosting, we will give you written recommendations. In many cases your webmaster can fix these issues once identified. On WordPress installations we will run some additional structure tests and review plugins known to generate issues.

Additional Services

  • Setup Microsoft and Google Business Places page, and maps on Google and Bing (you must have physical address and phone for these services)
  • Add SEO to your Facebook page – don’t have one, we’ll set up a Facebook business page for you.
  • SEO services include monitoring for the first month and then continued monitoring and updating as needed on a per month basis.

Schema Markup and Local SEO

If you are a “local business” where you are getting most customers within 10 miles of your location, we make sure that your address and phone are clearly shown on your site. We will add what is called “schema LocalBusiness” to your web pages so they are included in Google search results. Google and other search engines add more information about your website to the displayed search results known as rich snippets.  On the website, schema markup is metadata that tells search engines how the website data is structured and we will add schemas for structured data on your web pages. Some examples of LocalBusiness Schema Markup include a restaurant, a particular branch of a restaurant chain, a branch of a bank, a medical practice, a club, card dealer, etc. A schema is behind the scenes code that gives your website that extra search edge.

Looking for more information on just what is SEO search engine optimization, or a explanation of how it all works, the check out our DIY SEO information page.