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Judith & Gerson Leiber

Leiber Huseum building DSC02912It was very sad to hear that two of our clients passed away in recently. Gerson (Gus) Leiber, an American modernist painter, died on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at his home in Springs, East Hampton, NY. He was 96. His wife, Judith Leiber, 97, died just hours after the death of her husband of 72 years, also at their home. Both died of heart attacks, according to Jeffrey Sussman, their biographer and spokesman, and they were buried together on Monday.

Leiber Gardens DSC02913

Both Lisa and I were very lucky to have produced a documentary about Judith, the handbag designer, when she won the Moore College of Art Visionary Award. Later, we also created videos with Gus and Judith for their museum, the Leiber Collection, a museum dedicated to their work on their property in Springs NY. The expansive gardens at the museum were designed by Gus Leiber.

View the videos:

The Leiber Collection – Judith & Gus Leiber

 2010 – Moore College Visionary Woman Award Video – Judith Leiber