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Live Stream Your Video Content

Livestream your corporate event or meeting live from your office, or have your key presenters join the event remotely from around the world.

In September 2020, Euro-Pacific live streamed over 25 days of live events (November 2021 we did over 20 days), and we’re not talking about a Zoom conference. These were full video production events with multiple cameras, multiple locations, and pre-recorded video inserts during the events. Also, did I mention that we did it while being COVID safe with minimal direct interaction with participants. We used both live cameras (with a live operator) and remote cameras (operated remotely). Our event productions livestream to multiple platforms including in all cases our primary platform Vimeo, and also Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and Periscope. We have the capability to live onto five platforms simultaneously.

For a more complicated livestream, we use the Livestream Studio 6 live switcher and control panel that allows us to have up to five remote locations connected to the stream as guest inputs, and an unlimited number of live cameras at the base location. We can also insert unlimited video playback, live switching of cameras and remote sources, while adding lower third titles, overlay graphics and still images. We also have full audio mixing capabilities for all sources. The live stream to the platform is only restricted by the available internet connection, but in most cases, we can stream at 1080P or 720P with no buffering. We can also stream at 2k/4k with the correct internet connections. We also make a full bandwidth recording on site, so if there is an issue with the live connection, we still have the full high-quality recording of the event to upload.

Vimeo--LivestreamDepending on your needs, the Vimeo platform allows us to add password protection, embed permissions, or create a private hub with SSO for your internal teams. Get advanced analytics in real time, monitor your stream quality, even set up a backup stream.  To keep your audience connected, you can boost viewer involvement with a suite of powerful, easy-to-use live engagement tools — including live Q&A, live polls, audience chat, email capture, and custom calls to action. And we keep an eye on everything in real time with advanced analytics.